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titleLOOK® Announces New Title Review & Reporting Automation

BANGOR, Maine – November 30, 2021 – – titleLOOK® by Mainspring Services has launched new review and reporting automation features that eliminate the manual title review process.titleLOOK® Announces New Title Review & Reporting Automation titleLOOK is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that provides a complete hyperlinking solution that learns as customers use it and publishes the title package to a branded, mobile-web format within seconds. The new features are immediately available to titleLOOK customers throughout the United States.

titleLOOK works with PDF or Word documents from any production software and transforms the title package into a digital format that works on any device. Through titleLOOK’s unique approach to codebook and clearance information management, all relevant sections of the commitment are extracted, summarized and categorized as red or yellow flags based on customer or underwriter qualifications. The platform’s new features also include daily reports of red or yellow flag exceptions and requirements. These reports provide immediate visibility and intelligence that allows management to properly direct difficult title clearance tasks to the appropriate employees.

“As automation continues to improve the search, exam, and decision processes in the title industry, the subsequent review and clearance steps have remained relatively unchanged,” said Mainspring Services CEO Bill Boyington. “Most employees still manually review the title commitment to identify exceptions and requirements that may delay clearance timelines. These red-flag items are then manually communicated through multiple communication channels. The result is a lack of transparency, longer timelines, and more errors in the title clearance process. Our new features directly address these problems, and we are thrilled to deliver them to our customers,” Boyington concluded.


titleLOOK® Appoints Director of Client Services

Andrea Weber titleLOOK

BANGOR, Maine – November 9, 2021 – – titleLOOK® by Mainspring Services has named Andrea Weber as the company’s new Director of Client Services. titleLOOK was formally launched in March of this year as the title industry’s first post-production software. titleLOOK automatically hyperlinks title commitments and creates a digital title web ‘LOOK’ that works on any device.

Weber has more than two decades of executive leadership experience in commercial title, including as Vice President and Director of Operations at Fidelity National Financial and Director of Operations at LandAmerica.

“titleLOOK software is deeply connected to our customers’ knowledge through their commitments, codes and operations,” said Mainspring Services CEO Bill Boyington. “It’s key to our success and to our customers’ success that our leadership team is comprised of the foremost experts in the title industry. Andrea certainly fits the bill. We are excited to welcome her to our team and look forward to her supporting our technology and our customers as we continue our rapid growth.”

“After two decades of managing title operations, I finally found the missing piece of technology in titleLOOK that creates the digital standard,” said Weber. “And that’s why I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about joining titleLOOK – our solution is really one that the industry has needed for years. I’m passionate about our product and our vision, and the opportunity to join a fantastic team of forward-thinking technologists and title veterans alike,” Weber concluded.


titleLOOK® is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering that provides tremendous time savings in the title production process and creates a new web-based standard for commitments and preliminary reports. titleLOOK® automates hyperlinking to the title search documents, summarizes title exceptions, alerts users to clearance tasks and grades, and publishes to a responsive web format that looks great on any device.

Mainspring Services®
Mainspring Services was organized in 2016 and prides itself on innovating from a deep understanding of the title and escrow industry. We are the creators of titleLOOK®, a SaaS offering that presents the first truly digital format for title commitments and preliminary title reports.

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Mainspring Services Announces titleLOOK®

BANGOR, Maine – March 10, 2021 – – Mainspring Services has announced titleLOOK®, the company’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering that streamlines the title production process and creates a new web-based standard for title commitments and preliminary title reports. titleLOOK works with both PDF and DOC file types that are exported by any production software. The application automatically hyperlinks the report to the relevant search documents, summarizes title exceptions, grades reports and alerts users to curative tasks.

“This technology is a major step forward for the space, creating a truly digital format for the industry’s most important deliverable, its commitment to provide a title policy for the transaction,” said Bill Boyington, CEO of Mainspring Services. “The title industry is not simply a data provider, but rather a knowledge provider. That knowledge – to assemble relevant information, identify defects and take curative action – has always been locked away within traditional document formats. titleLOOK unlocks this powerful knowledge and makes it available digitally, leading to new and exciting opportunities.”

While titleLOOK’s digital presentation and data opportunities represent major upgrades for the industry, the benefit of hyperlinking automation continues to be a driving force for the platform’s adoption. Hyperlinking was identified as an unresolved issue at last year’s American Land Title Association (ALTA) 2020 Springboard event and recognized as a very time-consuming process for many agencies. This is especially relevant for commercial commitments which often contain hundreds of supporting search documents. The automatic hyperlinking feature in titleLOOK completely solves this pain point and provides a transformative user experience for the transaction.

“Through industry collaboration, we quickly learned that title companies are looking to drive business development and increase brand loyalty through client engagement,” Boyington went on. “Our platform offers content management options, including custom branding, educational tips that are customized by user type, easy access to document bundles, and a format that looks great on any device. This keeps users engaged throughout the clearance process; it’s a big win, not just for those in title and escrow, but for lenders, real estate agents and consumers, especially,” Boyington concluded.

Mainspring Services was organized in 2016 and prides itself on innovating from a deep understanding of the title and escrow industry. titleLOOK is the company’s first SaaS offering and is immediately available to all underwriters and independent title agencies. The titleLOOK team will be showcasing the offering at American Land Title Association (ALTA) 2021 Springboard as an exhibitor.