The New Standard in Digital Title

Working with title reports from any production software, titleLOOK® automates the curative review process, provides a complete hyperlinking solution that learns as you use, and publishes the title package to a branded, mobile-web format within seconds.

Automation for a knowledge industry

The title industry is not simply a data provider, but rather a knowledge provider. That knowledge – to assemble relevant information, identify defects, take curative action, and communicate clearance efforts – has always been locked away within traditional document formats. titleLOOK unlocks this powerful knowledge and makes it available digitally, leading to new and exciting opportunities.


Automatically create your curative review summary
  • Leverage codebooks for knowledge
  • Reduce turntimes
  • Create consistent messaging
  • Improve your customers experience


Automatically hyperlink your prelim and commitment reports
  • Decrease production time
  • Reduce costs
  • Eliminate a processing step
  • QC features improve accuracy


Publish your commitment in a modern LOOK
  • User-friendly, mobile-responsive
  • All documents available online
  • Download all option
  • Alerts to flagged exceptions

If only

I didn’t have to send my customers so many PDFs

we could save time summarizing and linking

all of my title docs could be archived securely online

we could easily alert and educate to what matters

we could create a better experience for everyone

Learn how you can easily provide your customers and employees with a modern digital title experience.

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Automated Summary

titleLOOK automatically extracts and displays summary information at the top of the page. Also prominent are the title officer’s name and a link to contact, a Google Maps link to the subject property, and the share and follow links.

Branded for You

titleLOOK is your tool, branded for your company. Upload your logo, color scheme and code book to put our product to work for your business.

Hyperlinking Automation

Hyperlinking prelims and commitments can really slow you down. Whether your team does this monotonous task in house, uses a third party, or relies on a central processing facility, there is a better way. titleLOOK uploads your master document and supporting documents and then hyperlinks the master in seconds.

Coded Exception Report

titleLOOK uses your own codebook or your underwriter’s codebook to create its exception report. This is your data, but digital. It’s displayed in a color-coded and intuitive way, and each section is expandable to allow the user to explore exceptions on demand, including further explanation and linked documents.

Red Codes


  • Notice of Independent Solar Energy System Producer Contract
  • Notice of Pending Action
  • Taxes 5-Year Payment Plan
  • Effect of a Deed

Yellow Codes


  • Supplemental taxes
  • Property Taxes
  • Deed of Trust
  • Any unpaid amounts now owing, for delinquent utilities, of record or not

Full Report & All Linked Documents

The hyperlinked version of the report is embedded within titleLOOK. It’s always available for users to reference or download. Every supporting document that was hyperlinked is readily available to view online. There’s also an option to download all.

Powered by Azure Cloud

titleLOOK is built on a modern technology stack of Microsoft’s .NET Core and SQL Server, and powered by Azure Cloud services. Files uploaded to titleLOOK are stored in Azure File Storage and are encrypted both during transport and while at rest. Access is restricted using Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) to prevent unintended access or display of files.

  • Automated Title Review
  • Automated Hyperlinking
  • Automated Packaging

Automated Knowledge

titleLOOK uses any PDF or DOC that you export, matches it against your own codebook or your underwriter’s codebook to provide the industry’s first knowledge exchange of all clearance tasks, title grades, version histories, and even educational tips for employees and customers alike.

titleLOOK Unlocks Data

titleLOOK has done the work to create a digital title experience - now put it to work for your business. The titleLOOK API is perfect for integration with digital closing portals, email and text notifications, loan origination systems, chat bots, agent portals, and more.